We offer bilingual dance classes for those who wish to learn dance in different languages and to best include the parents and families of all of our community cultures. For more information on these classes go to our curriculum provider DanceMinds®

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CLASSES (estas clases son bilingues en español y ingles)

  • DanceMinds® Princess Pre-Ballet (ages/edades 2-4 & 5-7)

  • DanceMinds® Jr. Hip Hop Tumble (ages/edades 2-4 & 5-7) & Hip Hop Tumble (ages/edades 8-12)

  • DanceMinds® Dancers Combo (ages/edades 8-12)


We offer movement classes for infants/ toddlers and their parents. Our classes are carefully crafted to help parents best understand the learning process of their child and to learn to collaborate as a team. To read more about the curriculum we us go to Moves Made 4 Me.


  • Exploratory Moves™ ( parent and child) (ages/edades 1-2)

  • Sensory Moves™ ( parent and child) (ages/edades 2.5-4)

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We offer lifeskills dance based classes for kids and adults with a special need and inclusive to all people, utilizing the Moves Made 4 Me™ Method. To learn more about the curriculum we are licensed to use go to Moves Made 4 Me.


  • Fantasy Moves™ (ages/edades 5-7)

  • Expressive Moves™ (ages/edades 8-10)

  • Mindful Moves™ (ages/edades 11-17)

  • Life-Skills Moves™ (ages/edades 18+)

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We provide social emotional learning opportunities in the community for youth, parents and community members. Each of our workshops are interactive and have specific theme associated with them. Look out for our educational workshops.


Are you a teen or young adult with a passion to help others and an interest in dance education? Do you enjoy uplifting others and leading groups? We are looking for community members to Mentor. Once trained you would lead and assist in teaching classes and leading community events that help improve social-emotional skills and confidence in those with a special need and with limited resources. This is a great opportunity for you to develop and use your skills in leadership and learn to see the world from a different lens.


Increase social emotional intelligence

  • Building teamwork, PRESENTATION & communication skills

  • Growing in confidence and independent thinking

  • Exposure to dance education and terminology

  • Learning how to work through their disabilities and find hidden abilities

  • Understanding empathy and learning how to value individuals with different abilities AND BACKGROUNDS

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